2012 Class Descriptions

General Interest Choral Primary/
Ward Music
Hymn Sing Choral Reading Primary: Open the Door and Invite Me In Organ Registration: Bringing the Hymns to Life Music Chair Boot Camp
So They’ve Asked You to Direct a Choir Primary: Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Young Children Organ Q & A The Power of Hymns
Ward Choir Management Primary: Older Children
Choral Conducting Essentials (Intermediate / Advanced) Primary: Pulling It All Together
Choral Conducting Essentials (Beginning)

General Interest

Hymn Sing
Come join us for a special musical treat to start your Workshop experience! We will be singing along with the organ, as usual BUT – we will be adding something to each hymn. See what fun we can have with hymn harmonizations, interludes and original compositions to make Sacrament Meeting feel like your own little Tabernacle!


Choral Reading (Tom Pixton)
(See the 2012 CHORAL PACKET)
Come enjoy reading a wonderful assortment of choral music appropriate for ward choirs of all levels. The pieces vary in difficulty and price — and come from a variety of resources to provide a wide exposure for choir directors. Don’t forget to order a Choral Packet for this class by registering online. Choral packets are $20 and include all the music we will be singing through.

So, They’ve Asked you to Direct the Ward Choir (Merilee Webb)
Trying to direct a ward choir is challenge enough – many choir directors are also tasked with the overall management of a choir, including recruitment, retention, schedule management, inventory management, etc. Get tips, ideas, and help for learning how to fill those choir seats, keep your singers coming, remove barriers to participation, get the budget you need and the people to support you.

Ward Choir Rehearsal: How Much Can You Cram Into One Hour? (Merilee Webb)
Once you get people to choir, then what? This class will be a choir, rehearsed by Merrilee Webb. Although every choir director has a unique personality, important concepts remain the same, regardless. People care about how you spend their time and their money; you’ll learn how to give people the most bang for the investment of their time!

Conducting Essentials: Beginning & Intermediate/Advanced (Karen Porter and Tom Pixton)
Join us for fun, hands-on discussion and practice concerning all things conducting: patterns, preps, cues, cut-offs, fermatas, dynamics, phrasing, and articulation, to name just a few! Presented in a clear, concise, and engaging way in order to equip directors with the skills necessary to express their musical ideas clearly. Excellent for all levels, from beginners to advanced, and those desiring to brush up their conducting technique. This class will start together and then split to address different levels.

Primary & Nursery

Primary Music: Open the Door and Invite Me In (Sharla Dance)
Open the Door and Invite Me In: How do you open the hearts and minds and bodies of all ages of children to hear the message of the gospel, and the testimony of the music? Four principles of power shown through singing, movement, drawing, patterns, code games and more. Come ready to move and interact. Come with paper and pencil. Come with a curious mind. Come and see. Come and sing. Come and learn how to use solid principles to draw the children in and challenge them to partake of the gospel through song, matched to their age level.

Primary Music: Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Young Children (Sharla Dance)
Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Young Children (4 to 7). What are the activities called Waves of the Sea, Oops I dropped it, Be My Mirror, and Sway and Freeze? What principle makes “What’s in my bag?” work so well with this age child? How can I best reach this age child? What are the “Musical Tasks” that most excite and intrigue these different ages? What are the safety boundaries that work best with this age? This is such a fun age filled with wonder. Let’s make the activities to sing be filled with wonder, too!

Primary Music: Older Children (8-11) (Sharla Dance)
Older Children (8 to 11). I’m all grown up <grin>. The amazing world of the older child… i.e. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t challenge them; My voice is personal; singing and the 10 year old boy; and so much more. What is a Melody Map? What we can do at this age to help the children use the Holy Ghost as their true and trusted teacher by the way we present the songs. Fences…How do we help the children to keep within the boundaries and what should the boundaries be? How to make music time a fun, yet deep and soul-filling experience for the older child.

Primary Music: Pulling it All Together (Sharla Dance)
Pulling it all together. Sample music times with this year’s songs using all of the principles we have talked about in the other three classes. Amazing power planning. Learning about the Ebb and Flow of a music presentation. How to fit High Concentration, Change of Pace, and Medium Concentration activities into your teaching time. The essence of a song: matching the song with the right activity so that both the activity and the song teach the message. The behind the scenes actions that make a huge difference in the success of Primary music.


Organ Registration: Bringing the Hymns to Life (Eric McKirdy)
Bringing the Hymns to Life: Every organist knows there’s more to playing the hymns than just… uh… playing the hymns! How they sound creates an incredible impact on the way people respond and sing. This sessions covers the various groups of sound on the organs we play, and how best to combine them in many different and meaningful ways.

Organ Q & A (Eric McKirdy)
This session was so popular last year, we’re doing it again! We each came to the organ with a unique background and experience level, but there’s one thing we feel in common: there’s a whole lot to know about the organ! This direction of this class will be determined by class participants; bring your questions, and we’ll discuss answers in a roundtable format. No question too large or too small!

Ward Music Chair

Music Chair Boot Camp (Eric McKirdy)
Eric is back with a brand new focus on how to improve the level of musicality in our wards and stakes! We’ll discuss innovative ways that the music chair person can magnify his or her calling by working with bishoprics, stake presidencies, and stake/ward music committees to continually develop the talents and resources of each congregation.

Unlocking the Power of Hymns (Merilee Webb)
In this session, Sister Webb brings participants together in shared experiences illustrating the power of hymns and music.