2009 Class Descriptions

General Interest Choral Primary/
Hymn Sing Choral Reading Primary Music That Captivates, Part I Pedaling and Fingering Basics Ward Music Chair Top 10
Church Pageants Rehearsing Your Choir Primary Music That Captivates, Part II Enhancing the Hymns Through Organ Registration Music and Other Auxiliaries
Raising Musical Children
(a panel discussion)
What’s an Ictus Anyway? Primary Music That Captivates, Part III Making the Most of Prelude and Postlude
A Gift of Expression Choir Tone Music: The Language of Nursery Hymn Improvisation
It’s Showtime Conducting Master Class
This is Your Brain on Music
Operetta on a Budget

General Interest

Hymn Sing
Come join us for a special musical treat to start your Workshop experience! We will be singing along with the organ, as usual BUT – we will be adding something to each hymn. See what fun we can have with hymn harmonizations, interludes and original compositions to make Sacrament Meeting feel like your own little Tabernacle!

Church Pageants and Experience (Dave Zabriskie)
What is it like to be involved with the latest Church musical productions including Savior of the World, Light of the World and the Nauvoo Pageant? Come hear about Brother Zabriskie’s experiences as a composer, director, and conductor.

Raising Musical Children: How to Foster Musicality at Home (Panel Discussion: Kristine Parker, Tom Pixton, Courtney Atack, and Tara Burke, moderated by Skye Engstrom)
Musical parents all seem to ask: How do you foster musicality in your children? Do you make them take lessons? What if they want to quit? How do you motivate them? How do you get them to practice? Our panel is made up of folks with wide variety of experience in learning and teaching music to kids, raising children, being raised with different methods, etc. We’’ll talk about the benefits and challenges of different approaches and give you some ideas for how to go about it in a way you think will work for you. Our panelists include parents of old and young, music teachers, and all great musicians, so come with your questions and join us as we try to sort it all out.

(Better yet, submit your questions NOW so you can be sure the panel has a chance to address it. We’ll open the floor to audience questions if we have time.)

A Gift of Expression (Dale and Ramona Zabriskie)

"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. No matter our talents, education, backgrounds, or abilities, we each have an inherent wish to create something that did not exist before.” — President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Ensign, Nov. 2008.

Are your creative juices overflowing or would you like to give them a kick-start? From the creators of “With Mine Own Hand: The Musical Account of Nephi”, this discussion will explore how you can stir up and channel your creative energy into worthy pursuits that build the Kingdom.

It’s Showtime (Ramona Zabriskie)
How do you go from just an idea all the way to raising the curtain on the best stake theatrical or stake musical production ever? How do you convince Priesthood leaders that the idea has merit and justifies the use of stake resources and the time of the members? How do you create and maintain a positive, productive environment in which the Spirit can work during the project? And how do you pull off not just a mediocre production, but a really polished one which everyone is proud to have participated in? This workshop will focus on answering these and other questions related to putting on a stake production.

This is Your Brain on Music (Dale Zabriskie)
In this highly entertaining and thought-provoking presentation, you will learn about the powerful effect all kinds of music has on your brain, your body, your emotions and your spirit. Very important information for everyone — especially parents, youth, and their leaders.

Operetta on a Budget (Dave Fisher)
Dave Fisher will be presenting Gilbert and Sullivan’s "The Pirates of Penzance" in concert style with a small orchestra.


Choral Reading (RuthAnne Day)
Read through a selection of choral music appropriate for ward choirs. The pieces vary in difficulty and price, as well as come from a variety of resources to provide a wide exposure for choir directors.

Rehearsing Your Choir (David Zabriskie)
Brother Zabriskie will briefly discuss the role of music in the Church today. How do you assess the talent available in your choir? What music do you pick? He will then conduct a sample 40 minute ward choir rehearsal. Come ready to sing and observe how you might run your rehearsals more efficiently and effectively.

What is an Ictus Anyway? (Denise Erskine)
Improve your conducting technique by getting a little technical. Learn details that will help you better communicate with your choir leading to more effective practice and performance.

Choir Tone (Joseph Hoffman)
Does your choir seem to lack the tone that makes a choir really sound polished? Learn some techniques to help your choir members create better sounds, leading to more pleasing and reverent music.

Conducting Master Class (David Thomas)
Learning by doing. Class will focus on refining the conductor’s physical gestures to more effectively encourage the desired singing from the choir. Some participants will prepare to conduct a selected piece in advance. Class members will act as choir for conductors.

Primary / Nursery

Primary Music That Captivates: Part I (Sharla Dance) – DOWNLOAD HANDOUTS!
We will learn to put on our "Teacher Eyes" and then take part in a hands-on Senior Sharing Music Time. After learning about Multiple Intelligences and why they are so important, we will take part in three demonstration songs, deciding afterwards what Intelligence(s) were used to captivate the children’s attention. Come and giggle, sing, solve the mysteries, and move with us as sing!

Primary Music That Captivates: Part II (Sharla Dance) – DOWNLOAD HANDOUTS!
Building on our "teacher eyes" knowledge and what we learned about Multiple Intelligences in the Part 1 class, we will take part in a Junior Sharing Music Time presentation. We will discuss adaptation principles for teaching the 3 to 6 year old to love the songs and sing with sweet feelings or with gusto. We will hear why movement at this age turns into thinking brain cells. We will look at the hymn "How Firm a Foundation" and through demonstration and hands-on activities, learn how to teach it to younger children. Come smile and move with us (letting the song slip in the "backdoor")!

Primary Music That Captivates: Part III (Sharla Dance) – DOWNLOAD HANDOUTS!
Using all of our experience from Part 1 and Part 2 classes, we will now delve into what is called "The Essence of a Song." We will participate in 3 great activities that use movement for gentle and quiet songs, adapting them for use in either Junior or Senior Sharing Time. We will work together to go home with a full month’s presentation ideas for one of this year’s songs. We will also discover some great manipulatives that spice up a Music Time through demonstration and hands-on experience. Come and play with us!

Music: The Language of Nursery (Channing Dance) – DOWNLOAD HANDOUTS!
From singing time, to snack time, to play time, to clean-up time, to story time, to lesson time, to circle time, music is the underlying voice of Nursery. Come learn ways to engage every age Nursery child, to transition from one activity to the next, to enhance the attention span and effectiveness of your lessons, and to bring the Spirit into Nursery with song. There will be a mock singing time and lesson presented along with an organized booklet of play songs to correspond with almost any nursery activity or theme.


Pedaling and Fingering Basics (Eric McKirdy)
The organ is a different animal from the piano, and to play well, a pianist’s hands and feet need to learn new tricks. Come explore simple methods to improve your technique, and learn some practice tips to make you play like a pro!

Enhancing the Hymns Through Registration (Eric McKirdy)
It’s a big responsibility to help the congregation engage with the singing of hymns. We’ll discuss several registration ideas to help your ward/branch sing more robustly, and feel the power in the hymns.

Making the most of Prelude and Postlude (Eric McKirdy)Does it bother you that nobody ever listens to what you play before and after sacrament meeting? We’ll help you respond by providing music people can’t help but want to hear. We’ll hand out several examples of great pieces and discuss how to effectively plan great music.

Hymn Improvisation (Eric McKirdy)
Did you do your homework from last year? If not, don’t worry! We’ll play through a few people’s finished improvisations and look at new ways any organist can re-arrange a hymn for prelude, postlude or a special number. All it takes is a little imagination and willingness to make a few mistakes along the way!

Ward Music Chair

Ward Music Chair Top 10 (Mary Mohlman) – DOWNLOAD HANDOUTS!
Top 10 Things You Need to Know: Learn ways to be the best ward/stake music chair. Come share your ideas and concerns as we talk about how to make the most of your calling(s) in music.

Music and Other Auxiliaries (Mary Mohlman) – DOWNLOAD HANDOUTS!

Music Correlation: Learn how to work with auxiliary presidencies and your bishopric/stake presidencies to make the most of the music committees in your ward. Also, learn how to make the most of your stake’s semi-annual auxiliary training meetings.

Below is a list of downloadable handouts. If possible, please download and print handouts for sessions you plan to attend in advance. Due to budget constraints, we may or may not be able to print enough handouts for all attendees.

Below is a list of downloadable handouts and resources.

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Sharla Dance: Primary Music that Captivates, Parts I, II, and III

The Brain Craves Variety (a.k.a. Looking Through Teaching Eyes)
Movement Possibilities
How Firm a Foundation
Joyful Music, Joyful Learning…8 Ways to Learn!
21 All Time Favorite Activities for Teaching Primary Music
19 All Time Favorite Activities for Teaching Primary Music
Does an Eleven Year Old Boy Sing?

Channing Dance: Music: The Language of Nursery

Kids Songs Organized by Topic
Additional Handouts from Channing

Channing Dance Sings Songs for Nursery Kids
Download compressed folder of whole album (46MB)

INSTRUCTIONS: To download the whole album of Channing, click the link and choose to save the file to your computer desktop (or another location you choose). Once you have saved it to your computer (which will take some time – it’s 46MB), right click on the folder and choose the unzip option (the way this is worded depends on your operating system). After it is unzipped, you can click on the tracks to listen to them individually, add the folder to your iTunes library, burn a CD, or whatever you choose.

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Mary Mohlman: Ward Music Chair Top 10, and Music and Other Auxillaries

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